Our offices

Thanks to our 3 offices in Rennes (headquarters), Nantes and Compiègne/Paris, and a national network of independent surceyors, we are able to manage files throughout France.

Since we deal with international cases, we have  built a strong network of independent surveyors in many countries, with whom we work on the basis of AnalyRisks qualitative standards.

AnalyRisks Rennes

Nils Tourmente


Claims Surveyor since 1993, as soon as the family business was taken over. After several years of practice in France, he joined a Canadian firm in which he applied Anglo-Saxon claims management rules. In 2008, back in France, he joined one of the world’s largest shipping companies as deputy head of the insurances department, before founding AnalyRisks.

Marie Delaunay-Lemoine

Administrative and financial Manager

Marie joined AnalyRisks in September 2011. Her career in a claims surveyors firm began in 2004 as an assistant. It was in Canada that she confirmed her ability to manage claims by joining a firm in Montreal. In 2010, she became administrative manager of an office of TEXA before joining us. It is now the administrative interface with our clients in the management and follow-up of files.

Camille Delaunay


Camille joined AnalyRisks in early 2016. Her reactivity and vigilance are at the service of each of our clients. His experience within the firm allows her to respond to our clients’ requirements. She centralizes the management of moving claims.

Virginie Trumel


For ever more responsiveness in our services and guarantee the satisfaction of our clients, Virginie joined AnalyRisks in 2020. As part of a professional retraining, she oversees the secretariat and the phone reception.

AnalyRisks Nantes

Pierre-Yves Staebler

Claims Surveyor

Pierre-Yves holds a Master of law degree in maritime law and has worked in a brokerage firm specializing in transport and maritime fields. Curious by nature, he diversified his professional experiences through various governments administrations, before turning to the insurance sector through the brokerage of maritime insurance and transport in charge of the management of claims.
Eager to be placed as close as possible to the transport players, he joined AnalyRisks in 2019, and is based in the Nantes office.

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